National television advertising educating about "DROWSY DRIVING"


1 No television advertising therefore no national awareness of the dangers of drowsy driving on the roads.

2 The current Land Transport NZ policy of "Greatest Enforceable Risk" means that if it is not enforceable it will not get any television advertising.

3 The G.E.R. policy blocks the National Television Advertising that is needed to create general awareness of the dangers of drowsy driving to New Zealanders.

4 However, Land Transport NZ maintains owing to the MOT database figures, drowsy driving is not ranked high enough to warrant national television advertising.

5 It is apparent that Land Transport NZ currently only look at MOT CAS database figures (official statistics) Where there is serious underreporting and misclassification (and incomplete) primary data, and choose to ignore other studies undertaken by other Government road safety organisations (eg; Transit NZ) when prioritising television advertising.


1 To be designed to reach all New Zealanders. Visual advertising required for below.

Budget (cira. $3M) should be the same as the $3M for each of drink driving and speeding.

2 Introduce New Zealanders to the dangers of "drowsy driving"

3 Educate New Zealanders about "drowsy driving" warning signs (eg: micro-sleeping)

4 Educate New Zealanders about "drowsy driving" risk factors

5 Educate New Zealanders about "drowsy driving" countermeasures (eg: power napping)

6 .Educate New Zealanders about what does not work

7.Educate New Zealanders about "drowsy driving" signage (eg; a micro-sleep can kill in seconds)

8.Educated New Zealanders about the importance of "Roadside Stopping Places"

9.Support the AKILLA sleep safety drowsy driving" awareness day - December 13th

Land Transport New Zealand need to use ALL STUDIES available to them (Transit NZ studies consisently show "drowsy driving" recording 17-19% in crashes.)


Target groups:

1 Nurses, Doctors, Medical workers MOH

2.The youth Land Transport NZ, AA driver training

3.The elderly Aged Concern, Grey Power

4.Commercial drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, airlines, shipping & camper-van companies, car hire companies

5.Department of Labour


MOH, Land Transport NZ