Major Transport Crashes & Industrial Disasters

Sleep deprivation is continually implicated in major transportation crashes which include the following;

  • Staten Island Ferry Disaster - New York City . Ferry crashes into wooden and concrete pier resulting int he deaths of 10 passengers and dozens of injuries.
  • Exxon Valdez Tanker oil spill disaster- United States' worst ecological disaster.
  • Korea Air flight 801 crash in Guam, August 6th 1997 - resulting in the deaths of 227 people

Photograph Source - Reuters

Space Shuttle Challenger-
Sleep deprived engineering crew knew that the "O" rings needed replacing

Photograph & Story Source - Kyodo News.

Freighter Crash - Osaki Kamishima
Drowsy skipper runs freighter into houses ashore. HIROSHIMA, Japan - The 498 ton freighter Shin Tsunetogo Maru ran ashore at Osakikami Island in the Seto Inland Sea on Sept. 4 2004, destroying two houses and damaging another. The ships skipper, Masuo Hamada, told the Japan Coast Guard that he dozed off while at the helm.

Photograph Source - Reuters

Selby Train Crash
"Tired Motorists Putting Lives at Risk"
PA News, UK - 13th February 2004.

Selby Train Crash
' Bullet Train Crashes in Japan - Train Driver Asleep At The Wheel '
Source: Society Unconscious of Sleep problems -The Odd Truth, 27th, February 2003.

Sleep deprivation is also continually implicated in major industrial disasters which include the following;

  • Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant - The World's worst nuclear power disasters, it occurred in the former USSR (now Ukraine), killing more than 30 people immediately. In addition, due to the high radiation levels, 135,000 people needed to be evacuated.
  • Three-Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant - partial meltdown.
  • Bhopal chemical spill disaster - 27 tons of deadly gas leak causing 20,000 deaths and more than 120,000 people suffer from the effects.