Distance Travelled during a "micro sleep"

Method of calculation

Example - Assume your micro-sleep lasts 3 seconds and you are travelling at 100 kms per hour

100 km/hr
1km = 1000 metres (m)
100 km/hr x 1000m = 100,000 metres per hour
1hr = 60 minutes
1 minute = 60 seconds
1hr = 3,600 seconds
100 km/hr = 100,000m/3,600 seconds = 27.77 metres per second.
Therefore, in 3 seconds a car travels 3 x 27.77 metres = 83 metres.

Remember that if you do wake to take corrective action, this would take additional seconds of reaction time and so extra distance would be needed to be added to the above figures ! The calculations show that even a two-second micro-sleep occurring when a car travels at 20 km/hr has the potential to take the driver across the centreline and into the path of another vehicle which is typically only 1-2 metres away.
' That Sleep of Death '