Sleep Safety Equipment

Snooze Alert® - Powernap® Timer

A Great New Innovation in Road Safety

  • Dependable, portable and reliable for rest area napping.
  • Easy to read display
  • Durable construction
  • User friendly

For any driver (car, truck, bus, limo, taxi, etc) who feels drowsy and needs to pull into a safe rest area for a Power Nap.

This is an alarm device designed to hang just under the top of the steering wheel. It is designed specifically to fit into the contour of the steering wheel.

It is aesthetically attractive, easy to set, easy to mount (via easy to use Velcro straps) and easy to remove before continuing one's drive.

The Snooze Alert ®- Powernap® Timer is an alarm device that can be set from one minute to ninety-nine minutes in one-minute increments. Of course you can change, increase or decrease the time as you choose. Set the Snooze Alert ® Powernap ® Timer and be rest-assured.

When the pre-set time runs to zero, the alarm will sound. If you feel the need for additional time to sleep, simply reset the Snooze Alert ® Powernap ® Timer

Price - NZ $35.00 per unit (incl. GST). + $5 packaging & postage within New Zealand. Price for other countries available on application.

Order from,
New Zealand Sleep Safety Limited
P.O. Box 10386
The Terrace
Wellington, New Zealand.