Akilla hurdles

Drowsy-drivers often try and overcome drowsiness to reach a destination. As the "micro-sleeps" continue to occur, it gets more and more difficult to remain awake when drowsy.

New Zealand Sleep Safety has given these "micro-sleeps" the name 'Akilla Hurdles' to reflect their seriousness - as they are like hurdles for the driver and a failure to clear them spells potential disaster. In much the same way as with a running race, the hurdles get more difficult the closer to the finish - and the risk of not clearing them increases dramatically.

In the last part of a journey drivers make the mistake of saying 'just a short distance to go' and try to overcome the Akilla Hurdles®, rather than stopping for a rest and a Power Nap. (Remember, it only takes seconds to fall asleep at the wheel ! )

Therefore, don't be too rigid in your timetable such as the time of your arrival at a destination. Allow extra time for adequate breaks and Power Nap time if you are feeling drowsy. Allow flexibility in your planning and allow plenty of time to reach your destination.

The graphics of the Akilla Hurdles® logo are symbolic in that they represent a heart monitor, found in the intensive care units of hospitals.

' I would rather see you late than dead '