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It took Fulton Hogan staff just 20 minutes to repair 30 metres of collapsed median barrier yesterday on the killer coastal highway north of wellington after a car collided with the barrier demolishing 24 posts. The driver walked away from what could have been a deadly accident had he crossed the centre line.

Senior Constable Keith Reay above right said the northbound car careered over the rumble strips before hitting the barrier. The posts collapsed as designed and the wire rope prevented the car from crossing the centre line The car was moderately damaged and undriveable but the driver escaped injury, Mr Reay said.
"The barrier was terrific it undoubtedly prevented a more serious accident, possibly a head on." It is the second time this year the 700 metre wire-rope barrier on the Centennial Highway, built last year after seven people died in three crashes has proved its worth.
In January a driver swiped three posts but kept driving

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