'Taxi drivers take P to stay awake '


COMPLAINTS that taxi drivers are taking the drug P and staying awake for more than three days at a time have gone unheeded by industry regulator Land Transport New Zealand, Wellington cabbies claim.
Black and Gold Taxis owner Ian Gaskin said he made several complaints to Land Transport NZ about drivers taking methampehetamine drug but had been told there was nothing the regulator could do because the drug was undetectable after five to eight hours.

About six months ago he phoned Land Transport to report a driver who had admitted staying awake and on the road for three days. Though Land Transport "had a word with him" , the driver ignored it.
"The following day he wrote off a kid on his motorbike - this is four days after not having any sleep -the following day he crashed his car going down Thompson St, " Mr Gaskin said.
The driver disappeared out of the cab game because he went broke, Mr Gaskin said.

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