'Driver who falls asleep fined $500'


Falling asleep at the wheel had dire consequences for a man who had spent a night awake with toothache.

The Christchurch District Court was told that Ross Millin, 38, who admitted a charge of carelessly using a car, had spent the night in pain with severe toothache and had gone in search of a dentist early the next morning.
He was treated, and on his way back to Darfield when he fell asleep at the wheel, colliding with a vehicle towing a horsefloat. Both cars were written off as well as the horsefloat.
The other driver was uninjured, but Millin suffered cuts and severe damage to a finger which might yet have to be amputated. Reparation of $12,500 had already been paid.
The court was told Millin had realised that he was sleepy and had stopped for a break, then
thought that he was alert enough to continue.
Judge Phil Moran said no-one ever intended to fall asleep at the wheel but it happened frequently .In this case it had "pretty horrendous" consequences. The judge gave Millin credit for taking care of reparation and fined him $500.

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