Petrol Tanker Crashes into Farm Tractor

  BackSentencing Notes - Papakura District Court

Well Mr R......, again to your credit you have come along to Court, and you have pleaded guilty to careless driving. I guess that falling asleep is something that we see all too often, and I am happy to see or we are happy to see that truck drivers, I guess, collectively are tending now to do something about it because some of these trucks can cause some quite frightening accidents.

You are convicted on the charge of careless driving. You are fined in the sum of $400, and ordered to pay Court costs of $130.00. As to the application for reparation, there are several figures listed in the victim impact statement. They are simply figures produced by the victim. There is nothing in the way of invoices or anything like that to back up any of that, so the Court is not prepared to order reparation at this time.