Educate New Zealanders about the dangers of "DROWSY DRIVING"


No education except one ACC brochure and a Land Transport NZ factsheet which is not widely distributed. There is no Land Transport NZ document that places "drowsy driving" as one of the big four, as is stressed overseas. The brochure "Is your driving up to scratch" makes no mention "drowsy driving".

(A very small number of messages have been placed in newspapers and on the radio which are generally incomplete and do not say enough to be of value)


Introduce New Zealanders to the dangers of "drowsy driving"
1 Educate New Zealanders about "drowsy driving" warning signs (eg: micro-sleeping)

2. Educate New Zealanders about "drowsy driving" risk factors

3 Educate New Zealanders about "drowsy driving" countermeasures (eg: power napping)

4 Educate New Zealanders about what does not work

5 Educate New Zealanders with "drowsy driving" signage (eg; a micro-sleep can kill in seconds)

6 Educate New Zealanders about the importance of "Roadside Stopping Places" and how to use them.

7 Support the AKILLA sleep safety drowsy driving awareness day - December 13th


Examples of groups to target:
1 Nurses, Doctors, Medical workers - MOH

2 The youth - Land Transport NZ, AA driver training

3 The elderly - Aged Concern, Grey Power

4 Commercial drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, airline companies, shipping & camper-van companies, car hire companies - Department of Labour


MOT, Land Transport NZ, ACC, MOH