About Us

Private Road Safety Educational Campaign

AKILLAŽ Drowsy Driving Educational Campaign is New Zealand's first private road safety campaign to educate drivers about the dangers of drowsy driving on the roads. AKILLAŽ was officially launched in May 2005. AKILLAŽ has been structured in such a way as to build a solid foundation for researching, developing and disseminate drowsy driving educational information to drivers.

No Bias or Hidden Agendas

AKILLAŽ has no political alignment or corporate involvement. AKILLAŽ only has educational aims to educate drivers so that they can avoid crashes and their tragic consequences. AKILLAŽ is transparent and 'lily white'.

The Silent Killer

AKILLAŽ was founded by Martin S. Jenkins an engineer and businessman, as a direct result of an insidious and violent road crash just south of Shannon (lower North Island of New Zealand( on Saturday 13th December 2003, 1.50pm which claimed the life of his father.

No Education on Drowsy Driving in New Zealand

In 2003 there was a complete absence of any educational information on the dangers of drowsy driving and effective countermeasures in New Zealand. New Zealander drivers were largely unaware of this major killer on the roads.